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Like a Product? Look for a Coupon! - $1 off Mission Tortillas

I have been buying Mission Tortillas since time immemorial. But it was only today that, before hitting the grocery store, I thought “hey, let’s check and see if they have any coupons on their web site!” (I’m a relatively new convert to couponing) Lo and behold, they are offering a $1 off coupon, just for signing up on their web site here. Even when you know there are no coupons available in the inserts, or on, it pays to always check a manufacturer’s site for things on your shopping list. I used to shop without a list (prior to beginning to coupon). But I can tell you that having a list not only saves you money by the fact that you are less likely to grab random items you don’t need, but also because it lets you do your research before leaving for the store, and gather as many coupons as possible!

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