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Warning about the Walgreens Bic BOGO/BOGO Coupon Deal

Bright and early this morning I set out for my local Wags to do some of the nice deals available this week. OK, it was dark and early, but that’s just because we’re having some grey weather…

Anyhoo, I had in my hot little hands two of the Buy One, Get One Coupons on Bic Disposables from the 1/10 SS. My first tip-off that things might not go right lay in the fact that when I located the razors in question, they were not marked with any sort of sale signage. Double-checking the weekly flyer posted in the store, however, I verified that they were indeed supposed to be buy one at $6.99, and get one free. Oddly, the razors themselves were originally priced at $5.99, but…I had the flyer to back me up, come what may!

When I got to the register, however, the peculiar pricing bit me in the rear. They rang up as follows: $5.99 for the first package, and $1.00 for the second package. This might not have been so bad, had I had only one coupon. But when the associate went to ring up the second coupon, she said she could only put it through for $3.50!

I went ahead with the transaction, since I had just terrorized the manager with my couponing the previous week (and he was very nice about it, I might add), and didn’t want to get too bad of a reputation at this Wags. Still, I wanted to warn y’all that, for some reason, be it regional price differences, or some other confounding register issue, the Bic Buy 2 Get 2 Free deal might not work for everyone in all areas!

On a brighter note, I did find the Neutrogena Men Skin Clearing Shave Cream in the clearance section for only $2.64. This combines beautifully with the $2.00 any Neutrogena Q from December’s All You magazine. Mr. Wonderful absolutely adores this stuff, so I am planning on checking other stores nearby to see if I can snag him more at a great price!

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