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Old Navy 20% Cash Back Through Ebates

Update: thanks to ForTheMommas, we now have a coupon code for 15% off + free shipping on any purchase over $50! Code is: ONSAVEBIG so make sure to use it with the info below for even sweeter savings! I also hear (though I have not tried) that it can be used on gift cards, just in case you can’t find anything you want right now.

From now until February 4th, Ebates is offering an awesome 20% cash back on all your purchases made at – just make sure you go to Ebates and click through their site to Old Navy. This alone is worth checking out, and if you happen to have an Old Navy credit card (I believe this includes cards signed up for through Gap or Banana Republic as well), there are a couple of coupon codes floating around as well:

CARD25 should give you 25% off when you use your card
MYCARD should give you free shipping on a $100+ order (less reliable, according to but hey…Old Navy’s $7 flat rate shipping is nothing to complain about, really!)

Assuming the CARD25 discount is working (and you have a card), that would mean $25 off from Old Navy and an extra $15 in the form of cash back from Ebates on a $100 order. Put another way, you’d get a $100 order for $60!

And, if you’re a new signup to Ebates, you’ll also get an additional $5 deposited into your account, just for signing up. Let me tell you, their cash back adds up FAST. I have a check coming for over $37 just from my 4th quarter spending in 2009!

Please note that I do not have an Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic card, so I cannot test the card-related coupon codes. Please post in the comments if you encounter problems with them, so I can update this post to help everyone out!

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