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Free 4x6 Photo Prints - There are SO Many Options!

Many blog posts and articles have enumerated all the various sites you can hit up for free photo printing deals that apply only to new users. If you haven’t taken advantage of all these yet, and need a current rundown, be sure to check out this article on how to get free 4×6 photo prints – as many as 1,565 of them!. While these one-time offers are great (and I myself have taken advantage of several of them), I also realize that I will eventually run out of new places to try out. Granted, I’m a scrapbooker, so I probably take far more photos than the average person. But given that neither of those factors is likely to change, I have to work on finding other ways to get free 4×6 photo prints! Here is what I’ve found so far:

A site that I have been a member of since 2001(!) is Snapfish. Since they have been around so long, they have partnered with many other sites, particularly the type where you accrue points and then redeem them for gifts and prizes. If you haven’t previously signed up with them, I’d highly recommend it. Not only can you get 50 free 4×6 photo prints just for joining, but you can also use your points with the programs below to add to your account. I’m living proof, with 170 free photo print credits just sitting in my account, waiting to be used. By the way, these credits you’ve earned NEVER expire!

If you need to sign up, and want to get the maximum possible prints (right now that’s 50), go through MyPoints. Just head over to (sign up for MyPoints first, if you don’t already have an account), do a search for Snapfish in the upper right-hand corner, and it will come back with their offer – 50 free 4×6 photo prints AND 250 MyPoints.

Now, without further ado, here are the sites where you can earn loads of free photo prints:

Disney Movie Rewards
If you aren’t signed up with this program, you really should be! Even if you don’t buy or go to Disney movies very often, you can still rack up loads of points. Plus, there are other benefits; not just photo prints; I also got a FREE Disney DVD for my birthday. This program requires that you have 300 points to redeem for free photo prints; that gets you 30 free 4×6 photo prints. Just to give you an idea of how fast you can earn prints, I have only been a member since December 6, 2009, and I have already redeemed for this prize twice! That’s 60 free 4x6s, just for typing in a FREE code every few days. I have not purchased a single Disney DVD to boost my points, but I’m sure if you have a family (or buy them for yourself :) ), this would go far quicker.

There is one drawback to this method…the site says there is a limit of 4 redemptions (of prints) per member. I thought this used to say per year, but I no longer see that, or perhaps I dreamt it. Whatever the case, be aware that after you make your four redemptions, you may have to switch to other prizes, either till the end of the year, or indefinitely. Not to worry, though; they have tons of other prizes to choose, from posters, to DVDs, to crystal mouse ears!

Stouffers Dinner Club
This will work best if you or someone you know eats Stouffer’s frozen dinners on a semi-regular basis. I am lucky enough to have just such people in my household, so I’ve been racking up free prints from this program as well. You get 20 points for each code you enter, and each entree has a code on the inside of the box. On this site the reward is 25 4×6 photo prints, and they cost 500 points. Once again, I’ve redeemed for this twice since starting, but your rate of redemption will depend upon how many people you know who are willing to give you their points (or how many dinners you can eat…though I don’t recommend going that route if you’re watching your weight!). They don’t state a limit on how many times you can redeem for prints, but if there is one, fret not! They also offer coupons for BOGO or even straight up FREE Stouffer’s Entrees (among many other things), so your points won’t go to waste.

My Coke Rewards
Probably everyone has heard of this program by now, right? But what they might not realize is that My Coke Rewards points can be redeemed for free prints! The going rate right now is 50 points for 30 digital prints, so if you go through two 24-packs and one 12-pack per month, you’ve got enough points to redeem! This one is also limited, in this case to 4 redemptions per year. As with the others, however, there are other things to spend your points on in the meantime. One warning, though…don’t let your account lie dormant! If you don’t either enter or spend points for more than 90 days, all of your points will expire. Just logging in to your account won’t keep this from happening, so be sure to space out your point entry if you’re not a habitual Coke drinker.

Fresh Step Paw Points
This is actually a neat program for a number of reasons, but it wouldn’t be here if it didn’t give you free photo prints! This is another site where you can quickly rack up your first reward, because it gives you bonus points. You get 20 points for filling in a survey on signup, and 10 points for each cat in your household that you enter information about. I have three cats, so I had 50 points before I ever cracked open a tub of litter! Then I entered codes for two 28-pound tubs (50 points each), and BAM! I had enough for 25 free 4×6 photo prints. One of the other reasons this program is neat, is because when you enter codes from certain specially-marked containers (they have an orange band around the top) Fresh Step will donate 50 cents to the ASPCA. These points can also expire, but Fresh Step gives you a much more reasonable window of 1 year before your points expire.

There is one site that lets you earn prints from Shutterfly: Pampers Gifts to Grow. As with Snapfish, you’ll have to get a Shutterfly account to take advantage of this, but it’s just as easy; Pampers actually gives you a link right next to the button where you redeem! Then you can redeem your Pampers Gifts to Grow (GTG) points for prints! Their package is a little bit different, though; it costs 500 GTG points, and you get not only 25 4×6 photo prints, but also two 5x7s and one 8×10. Not a bad deal at all! In addition, at the higher 1,500 GTG point level, you can get a whopping 200 free 4×6 prints, so there’s something for everyone in this program. And just like Disney Movie Rewards, you don’t need to buy diapers to collect Gifts To Grow points. Every so often Pampers will post a code on their Facebook page, and in other locations. I often spot codes when they’re posted over on Freebie Fanatics (she posts Disney Movie Rewards points, too!). The biggest drawback to this one is that they have set a limit of one redemption per account. Still, free prints are free prints!

If you’d like to be kept in the loop about new ways to earn free prints as I become aware of them, please subscribe to my RSS feed, or bookmark my blog. In addition, if you happen to know of another site that allows you to earn free prints, either with Snapfish or another service, by all means post a comment and share!

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2 comments to Free 4×6 Photo Prints – There are SO Many Options!

  • As a customer of Virgin media (UK) I receive 100 free prints a month. All I have to pay for is the £2 odd p&p charge.

    I am on the most expensive virgin package, but i did read somewhere the offer applies to other tier services. I would think it would be less prints per month though.

    • michelle


      Thanks so much for sharing! I admit to being a little clueless about the photo printing options for our friends “across the pond,” but hopefully this will help them out!

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