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What Do Atlanta, DC, NYC, Chicago and San Francisco Have in Common?

Yes, they’re all big cities. And yes, they all have correspondingly large airports (most of them more than one). But what I’m interested in isn’t any of those things. Since I’m all about saving money (even when on vacation!) what I’m interested in is the fact that all these cities (and more, listed below) now have Tippr sites.

What’s a Tippr site, you ask? If you’re familiar with Groupon, it’s kinda the same, and kinda different; same in that it’s city-specific, but different in that you’re not limited by whether or not enough other folks buy. If you’re not familiar with Groupon…that last sentence probably made no sense. :)

Seriously, though, Tippr gives you leads on discounts to bars, restaurants, spas, salons…lots of things you’d want (or need) to do on vacation, as well as tons of things locals can use a discount on (fitness studios, boutiques, etc.). I signed up for both the Washington DC Tippr (because I plan on traveling there some time in the next year…a long overdue trip!) and the Atlanta Tippr, because I travel back and forth from Tennessee to Florida on a semi-regular basis (both Mr. Wonderful & I have family & friends in FL), so I’m no stranger to Atlanta. On a quick surf through, I was pretty excited by what I saw, and I encourage you to sign up and see what the city nearest you (or the one you plan on visiting next) has to offer. The list of the current cities they offer is below:

Los Angeles
New York City
San Francisco
Washington DC

I’m hoping they expand this list to include cities like Orlando, Tampa and Las Vegas. Surely they have the population to support such a program, and I’d get even more use out of it. What city(ies) would you like to see get a Tippr site?

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