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A quick update

I apologize for not posting anything over the past few days. My doctor started me on a new drug on Thursday, and I had a rather bad reaction to it. Unfortunately, stopping the drug did not seem to help. Once I’m feeling more normal I’ll be sure to blog about it, even if only to put a cautionary tale out on the web. Hope you’ve all had wonderful weekends, and I hope to be back “with” you soon!

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1 comment to A quick update

  • Jo

    Hi there Michelle.

    I read your post about Victoza. I am also insulin resistant, and I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). The turning point for me, and the point where my endocrinologist put ME on Victoza was when my last glucose tolerance test came back at 180, 20 points away from type 2 diabetes. That was early 2011.

    I had similar reactions that you did, lower blood sugar, severe nausea and almost even had some vomiting. But I stayed on it, because at 224 pounds and a very deep family history of diabetes on both my maternal and paternal sides, I was desperate for a way to prevent myself from getting to the dreaded diabetes point. Diet and exercise had previously proven useless…

    Victoza has been a godsend for me. I’ve lost nearly 40 pounds on this medication, and as a result I have near perfect A1c readings, much more normal blood sugar readings. I know not every medication works the same for everyone, but barring an interaction with another medication for you or some manner of allergy… I’d try to stick with Victoza, and take it in the morning. Taking it in the morning made it much more manageable for me and I praise God for bringing me the doctor that gave it to me. He was the first doctor to actually tell me that I was overweight because I had medical problems, not that I had medical problems because I was overweight. I’ve had endocrine problems since I hit puberty, and I just hope that you find something that works for you as well as Victoza has for me.


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