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FREE Crystal Light Pure Fitness at Wal-Mart

If you’re one of the lucky folks who received (or will be receiving) the Crystal Light Pure Fitness sample packet from VocalPoint (you may need to be logged in to view that link), you will have/get three $2.00 off coupons for this cool new product. I noticed yesterday while strolling through my local Wal-Mart that right now all Crystal Light variants, including Pure Fitness, are on rollback for only $1.97, making this a three-cent moneymaker!

I was actually a little bummed when I opened my package from VocalPoint, because I’ve never been a fan of Crystal Light. I am severely anti-artificial-sweetener (especially aspartame), so I figured this would be just another artificially sweetened, artificially flavored packet of stuff to mess up my digestive tract. I’m happy to say I was wrong! Crystal Light has finally gotten it right this time. No artificial sweeteners (just evaporated cane juice and my personal favorite, stevia extract), no artificial colors (just plant-derived colorings), and no artificial flavorings! True, the “fitness” part, which consists of minerals, have very, well, chemical-sounding names, but that’s going to be true no matter what sort of mineral supplements you buy, drink or otherwise. So I’m happy to report that this stuff is not evil, and actually tastes pretty good, too. ;)

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