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Giveaway – $25 Gift Certificate to any of CSN Stores’ Sites!

Remember how I told you I was working on a bigger, better giveaway? Well it’s here! I feel like jumping up and down, I’m so excited (and that’s a rare feeling for me these days)! I was contacted by a representative of CSN Stores back when I was feeling my worst, but as soon as I started making a comeback, I wrote back and have been working to put this together for y’all. So just to get the legal/technical stuff out of the way, this post and giveaway are sponsored by CSN Stores.

If you’ve never heard of CSN Stores before…the truth is you probably have, and just don’t know it. They own a group of over 200 online sites/stores that sell everything from children’s furniture to office supplies to pet products. This makes them a fantastic giveaway partner, as I know my lucky winner will have no trouble at all finding something upon which to spend their newly won loot!

For example, on their site, you could put it toward a set of nearly-unbreakable Corelle dishes. I grew up with Corelle, and can attest to its toughness. I’ve messed around with lots of other dinnerware over the years, but now I’m back where I started, since nothing else can stand up to my combination of butter-fingers and tile kitchen floor. And I know all you moms out there can appreciate kid-proof crockery! If you haven’t checked out Corelle’s offerings since the mustard-brown 70s styles (like what I grew up with), you really need to give them a look. Their bamboo pattern is beautiful, and they’ve even gone square!

Another option would be something from their Baby and Kids section, or even a little something just for you, like this gorgeous laptop case. If you’d like to find a gift for hubby or someone else, they feature a convenient gift finder with separate sections for boys, girls, men, women, teens and even pets!

I should note that this is a one-time use gift certificate, so if you don’t use it all, any remainder will no longer be available to you. So make sure you get close to (or over, of course) the $25, so you get maximum value!

OK, now for the rules & timeline…I will leave this drawing open through midnight eastern time on the 4th of August, with the winner to be drawn on August 5th (via, of course). Here is how you can earn entries:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post: 1 entry
  • Subscribe to my RSS Feed (and leave me a post below to let me know you’ve done so): 1 entry
  • Tweet about this giveaway & include both a link to this post and @CouponFans in the tweet: 3 entries (make sure to post here to let me know after you do this)
  • Post about this contest, including a link back to this post, on your own blog: 5 entries (make sure to post here after you do this, also)

Also, make sure you include your email address when you submit your comments (but not in the comment body, just in the field where it asks for emails), as that is how I will be verifying that the correct person is claiming their prize. Worried about including your email address? Don’t be! It won’t be visible to anyone but me, and I’ll only use it for verification purposes. See my Privacy Policy, if you’d like more details.

I’ll be closing the entries at midnight eastern time next Wednesday (August 4th) and announcing the winner on Monday, June 7th, so be sure to check back (or if you’ve subscribed, just check your feed reader!) and see if you’ve won. If someone wins and does not claim their prize within 3 days after my announcement, I’ll keep drawing another name every three days until someone claims their prize. So keep your eyes peeled, and good luck!

Also note that there’s no need to comment multiple times for one thing, e.g. 3 comments per tweet, etc. Rest assured you don’t have to go to all that trouble! I’m storing all your entries in a spreadsheet, so a tweet still gets 3 entries and blogs still get five, even if you only comment once to tell me about them. I don’t mind you going the extra mile, I just thought I’d save you the time. :)

Good luck everybody!

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