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Swagcode Worth 5 Swagbucks up on the Toolbar…Also, an Update!

If you hurry, there’s a Swagcode worth 5 SwagBucks available on the SwagBucks Toolbar right now…you do have the toolbar installed don’t you? If not, I highly recommend it! I usually pick up at least a few dozen SwagBucks that way every month. At any rate, this code on the toolbar is good until 12:45pm PDT, which is 3:45pm for us east-coasters…plenty of time to install your SwagBar!

Now for that update…I’m sorry I’ve been kinda quiet lately. Things in my personal life have gotten crazy again. Crazy enough that I am flying down to Texas to try to straighten some family stuff out once and for all (hopefully). So please don’t be surprised if I remain quiet for another week or so while that happens. I know I’ll have internet access while I’m there, but I probably won’t be near it much. Hopefully after that I can back to a semi-regular posting schedule!

Take care of all of you,

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