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Victoza for Weight Loss Redux

Most of you have probably already seen my original post on Victoza. You may even have noticed that I added a forum to the site, with a category specifically dedicated to the topic of Victoza for Weight Loss. This is for a number of reasons; firstly, I don’t think there are too many such fora available right now. More importantly, though, since Mr. Wonderful is full-blown diabetic, and he would like to lose some weight as well, the subject is again cropping up in my household.

Needless to say, I am still leery of the stuff, but many of you seem to be having good experiences with it. Furthermore, Mr. Wonderful does not have the same issues I had with Metformin, and overall seems to be a sturdier subject than myself. I also coming to believe that my experience with Victoza was more of a “straw that broke the camel’s back” incident, rather than something that was caused by Victoza alone. That is to say, I had other issues at the same time, and Victoza was just the ingredient that brought the whole mess crashing down. So now I am wondering if perhaps Victoza might be a good choice for him. We want as many viewpoints as we can gather on the subject, as we feel it is of utmost importance to make a well-informed decision about any new medication. So please, come share your story with us, and with the world!

P.S. The forum has other sections as well…you know, about couponing-related stuff? ;) So if you’d like to share information/stories/steals/deals etc. with your fellow CouponFans, by all means feel free to head over to my forum for that, too! Note that it can also be found via the FORUM link at the top of every page on the site.

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