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Printable Poligrip/Polident Coupons for Denture Wearers – Expire 12/31/2013!

While doing research on what various denture adhesive reviews said (for my other site), I stumbled upon this pdf of coupons that I thought might interest denture wearers (or anyone who, as I once did, loves getting their favorite denture-wearer a good deal ;) ). The pdf includes two coupons:

$1.00 off any Polident product
$1.00 off any Super Poligrip product

Given that these are in PDF format (which means unlimited prints) and both of these coupons expire at the end of 2013, you can use them again and again…for years! Given my personal crusade for zinc free denture creams, I am also happy to point out that Super Poligrip has changed its formulation, and is now shipping zinc-free versions of their products. While I definitely still recommend checking labels (some stores may still have old, zinc-containing stock on their shelves), there’s a good chance that your local store will have plenty of zinc-free Poligrip choices.

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3 comments to Printable Poligrip/Polident Coupons for Denture Wearers – Expire 12/31/2013!

  • Yes I Do

    So, shitheads, where is the Poligrip coupon. Your site is shit.

    • CF Michelle (Site Owner)

      The coupon was active and available as of 10/31/2010, when this post was made. Alas, it looks as though the coupon is no longer available five months later when this terribly helpful comment was made. Thankfully, the coupon was never hosted on my site, so this is no reflection on my site. However, this does illustrate an excellent reason to subscribe via RSS. That way, you’ll never miss a great opportunity to download a coupon like this!

  • Debs

    To the person who posted about the Poligrip coupon.

    Yes I Do
    March 19, 2011 at 8:19 PM
    So, shitheads, where is the Poligrip coupon. Your site is shit.

    This was very rude, no reason at all for you to talk to her like that. The owner of this site was nice enough to put notice on the coupon for all who wanted it when it was available. Can’t believe any human being would and could be so rude.

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