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Quick Note

Hi y’all! Just wanted to let you know I’m not dead or anything. I just had a rough week last week, and it’s taking me a little longer than usual to get back to “normal.” I am rallying, though, and figuring out what it takes to keep myself at least healthy enough to function…most of the time. My biggest problem seems to be that i can’t get a decent night’s sleep to save my life. This is undoubtedly due in part to the remaining hormonal mess from Mirena. I have other issues as well (oxalates) that are likely contributing to it, but the lingering effects of that hateful IUD are still the worst of my problems, even now, five months after removal. I count myself as fortunate, though; many others have had it worse, and I at least have a wonderful man to help me out and take care of things I can’t when the worst days hit.

I hope you are all settled in and ready for a very Merry Christmas, or have enjoyed lots of warmth with your family no matter what holiday you celebrate!

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