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Puritan’s Pride Coupon Codes – Some Awesome Limited-Time Offers!

I just had to do some stocking up on vitamins and supplements for myself, and noted that my favorite discount vitamin store, Puritan’s Pride, is offering some great deals this week, so I wanted to share them with y’all!

 Doctor's Trust 728x90

As you can see from the banner above, they are running one of their 5 for the price of 2 sales through the end of the month (through 5/1/11, to be precise). If you don’t want to stock up quite that much, they also have BOGO deals. What really surprised me (I guess I’d never paid attention before) is that Puritan’s Pride sells a LOT more than just vitamins. They also have drugstore-type stuff you might expect (like aromatherapy, sports nutrition supplements and personal care products) but they also carry pet products, coffees & teas and organic spices. Best of all these BOGO and B2G5 deals, as well as the daily deals below, extend to ALL of their products, not just the vitamins!

They are also offering six awesome one-day deals, which you need coupon codes for, as follows:

April 20th – $10 OFF $100 + Free Shipping at Puritan’s Pride Vitamins. Enter Code: TAPAPR3 at checkout.

April 21st – $5 OFF $75 at Puritan’s Pride Vitamins. Enter Code: TAPAPR4 at checkout.

April 22nd – 10% OFF any order + Free Shipping at Puritan’s Pride Vitamins. Enter Code: TAPAPR5 at checkout.

April 23rd – 15% OFF $65 at Puritan’s Pride Vitamins! Enter code: TAPAPR6 at checkout.

April 24th – $10 OFF $75 + Free Shipping at Puritan’s Pride Vitamins. Enter Code: TAPAPR7 at checkout.

April 25th – Free Shipping on any order at Puritan’s Pride Vitamins. Enter Code: TAPAPR8 at checkout.

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