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Wooden Watches – A Father’s Day Deal with a Coolness Factor of 10!

Hi Y’all! Sorry I’ve been away for a while…I came down with a nasty head cold over the weekend that really wiped me out. I’m back though, with an uber-cool idea for Father’s Day (I thought I’d help you get a better jump on it than I did with Mother’s Day…though I suspect I’ll still be able to dig up some last-minute deals for that, too)!

I’ll admit, these are not what you’d call “cheap.” However, they are definite bargains, and as you read on you’ll see why!

What I am all excited about is a selection of wooden watches by a company called weWOOD. The way to make this into a deal is to buy them via Roozt, who are currently running a 50% off special. This means that you’ll get one of these really cool watches, which come in several gorgeous finishes (dark, light, army green…even black!), and as a bonus, you’ll also be doing a double-dose of good. You see, the whole premise of Roozt is that they are a daily deal site which makes a donation for every purchase. Today’s purchase donates 20 cents to Peruvian school support, which surprisingly provides one child with the supplies they need to attend school and advance their education for an entire month! In addition, when you redeem your gift card at WeWOOD’s store to buy a watch, they will plant a tree!

I’m not sure which is the coolest part of this deal…the 50% off part (It’s a $119 gift card for only $59.50), the fact that it’s a gift card, meaning you can either choose the watch and have it shipped in time for Father’s Day (browse available models here) OR save it and let Dad choose his own watch, or the fact that you’re supporting two awesome causes with one purchase! I’ll admit, I had never heard of WeWOOD, or wooden watches at all, until they popped up on my Roozt radar, which is what makes them such a great deal right now. Alas “right now” is a very important part of that sentence…this deal is only available through the end of the day, and it is also limited in number (there were 60 left as of this writing), so hurry over to Roozt to take advantage of it!

50% Off Wooden Watches, As Seen in Nordstrom! $119 Value Gift Card for $59.50 - Great Gift Idea!

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