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250 Free Bing Rewards Points – Almost Half of a $5 Amazon Gift Card!

So I’ve raved about SwagBucks for years now, right? And although I don’t rave as often as I used to, I definitely still collect my SwagBucks, and every so often turn them in for goodies (most often in the form of Amazon gift cards). So imagine my surprise when I learned that there was a new game in town when it comes to earning rewards for doing your everyday searching…Bing Rewards! Now most of us have probably already heard about Bing, but I’ll be honest, my go-to search engines are SwagBucks (for the aforementioned reasons) and Google the rest of the time. So I might be a little behind in learning about this.

Still, I wanted to share it with y’all, because right now you can get 250 points added to your account just for signing up. Since a $5 Amazon gift card runs 541 points, you’ll already be almost halfway to your first reward when you start! Of course, that’s assuming you’re as big of an Amazon shopper as I am. ;) They are also offering loads of other options, from airline miles and movie tickets, to facebook credits, secure digital (SD) cards and more! You’ll need a Microsoft Live ID to sign up, but if you don’t already have one, they’ll guide you through the process of getting one along the way. It’s been ages since I signed up for mine, but I recall it being a pretty brief and easy process, basically consisting of letting them know your email address, and maybe your name.

When I signed up, I learned that you can earn another 3 credits super-quick by allowing Bing to set itself as your home page, and then another 3 credits just for viewing their list of rewards. These both appeared as “To-Dos” when I clicked on a little dropdown arrow at the upper-right of my screen that looked like this:

After that, it told me I could earn 1 credit per 5 Bing searches (up to 8 per day) until June 4. So that’s exactly what I intend to do! I don’t know how long these extra bonuses will be available for new members, so I highly recommend signing up now and taking advantage of everything you can. Happy searching!

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