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Buy One Get TWO Free on Coffee, Tea, Vitamins and More!

OK, after this morning’s foray into unhealthful junk food, I figured I better redeem myself with a post about something a little healthier! ;)

A little while back I mentioned how I stocked up on my vitamins when Puritan’s Pride was running one of their Buy Two, Get Three Free sales. This was a great deal, but I didn’t realize that an even better sale was right around the corner! Now through June 16th, they’re running their best kind of sale, a Buy One, Get TWO Free deal! This also translates to getting 6 for the price of 2, if you really want to stock up. On top of that, (at least through May 31st) they’re also offering up to 25% off of select items, which I have found to include really popular supplements like daily multis, fast-acting sublingual melatonin, and fish oil (one of the most expensive supplements I take!).

Just to give you an idea of how much you can save: I recently decided to try taking vitamin K2, as I take a lot of calcium, and I want to make sure that it makes it to my bones, and not to my soft tissues (K2 is supposed to help with this). I picked up a bottle of K2 at my local Vitamin Shoppe, which has 100mcg of K2 and 400IU of Vitamin D (another important calcium cofactor) per capsule. A bottle of 60 cost me $17.99. When I get a similar item at Puritan’s Pride, however (100mcg K2/1000IU Vit D), it costs me only $9.99 for 90!

Also, remember that Puritan’s Pride isn’t just vitamins any more, and their B1G2 deals extend to ALL of these products: coffees & teas, pet products and organic spices. Of course, they also have other drugstore-type items as well, like aromatherapy, workout supplements and personal care stuff, like tea tree oil, lotion and lip balms. And remember, your entire order, no matter how big or small, ships for just $4.95. Check out their selection now, and see if you can save some big money!

Puritan's Pride: Spices - 5 for 2 - 728X90

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