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Where to Buy Koala Yummies!

Ever since it opened in 1982, I was a huge fan of the Japan pavilion in the World Showcase at Disney’s Epcot Center. In fact, it was my second most favorite place on Disney property…The Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom was, and still is, #1. :) One of the main things that made the Japan pavilion my favorite place was its huge selection of Japanese goodies and treats that could be found nowhere else. Among these were a type of cookie called Koala Yummies. I couldn’t get addicted to something common like Pocky…oh no! I had to get hooked on cute little chocolate filled koalas. (They also come in strawberry and vanilla flavors but I really liked the chocolate. Must be something about having ovaries.).

When I got old enough to drive, I found an oriental market in my hometown which also sold them, so I finally had a much more reliable supply (not to mention cheaper! Everything in Disney World is overpriced). But eventually they disappeared from both venues and I had to resign myself to going Koala-Yummy-free for the rest of my life. Or so I thought. I just recently had the bright idea to go searching online for these awesome little treats, also known as “Koala’s March” in the original japanese. Lo and behold I found them on, of all places, Amazon. I found them a couple other places, including that great faker, Walmart (They have a huge product listing page for them, but no price or way to buy them…what’s up with that?). I even found little squishy charms you can hang on your purse or cellphone that were based on these cute little cookies!

I also found something that looks similar, called Hello Panda (thanks to Amazon’s awesome suggestion system), but they’re made by a different company. Since right now, all I really want is to get hold of that old familiar taste again (and Hello Pandas were more expensive :) ), I took a pass on these for the time being. I don’t know if there will be any folks who regularly read my blog that might have been searching for these, but on the off-chance that there are, I decided to write up a post and share my good fortune with y’all!

P.S. Yes, I realize these are a pure junk food, and I really am trying to eat healthy, but I’m willing to pay the price of a minor blood sugar spike in order to taste a lost piece of my youth. :)

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