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Where to Buy OPI Shatter Nail Polish

So I got a little disgusted this morning when I made the trip to the next town up the road to the Ulta store where I usually shop (my town doesn’t have an ULTA), and found that they were out of the silver Shatter nail polish by OPI. I have the black, which I had bought on my last trip to Ulta because I wanted to see if the crackle effect was really as cool as it looked on the bottle cap. It is! (I found I have to use a fairly thick coat to get the look I want, though). So I went back to pick up more shades, including silver, and they didn’t have any in stock. I guess because this is a tie-in with the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, this stuff is apparently selling like hotcakes.

So when I came home I set to work using my interweb detective skills to find the best price and selection. Wouldn’t you know it, Amazon came up with the best deals (as usual)? In fact, I could have saved myself the expense of gas, as well as gotten it cheaper in the first place, from Amazon. Oh well, at least I got out of the house for a little bit!

At any rate, I’m really excited, because I went ahead and got several colors (right now you can find prices as low as $1 on some colors, like the Katy Perry branded black shatter – remind me why I paid $8.50 plus tax plus gas for mine?) and $3-5 for most others. Click here to see the whole bunch! Of course, if you buy direct from Amazon, you get their free shipping as soon as you go over $25, so you’ll have to weigh for yourself whether you want to buy from third-party peeps (and pay whatever shipping they ask), or pay a tad more and go for the free shipping. Usually if you only want one or two things, the third-party deals are the best, but I’ve never had trouble finding $25 worth of stuff to buy on Amazon, so I’m probably not the best person to ask… :)

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