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Absolute Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I know, I usually get it in gear a little sooner, but hey, I figure there have to be at least a couple procrastinators out there…am I right? Anyway, even if you don’t need these ideas for the Dad in your life, you might want some of them for yourself, so be sure to scan down the whole list!

70% off Dinner for Dad via Weekly Promo Offer 728 x 90

(In case the above pic isn’t visible – just click over to, and use promo code DAD through June 21st to get $25 restaurant gift certificates for only $4.50!)

Free Ebooks from Amazon

There are several Dad-centric titles available for free right now including:

ManVentions – From Cruise Control to Cordless Drills, Inventions Men Can’t Live Without

Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad! – for the Dads-to-be

And Dad-friendly how to guides like:

Dad’s Guide to Newborns – for new Dads

Teach Your Kids to Behave – for the frazzled Dad (or Mom!)

How to Lay a Hardwood Floor – for the DIY Dad

Six-Pack Abs in Six Weeks – for the fitness-centric dad

How to Run Your First Marathon (ditto)

Belly Fat Blaster: The How-To Guide (ditto again)

In fact, there are actually 62 free titles here, including some Mom-centric ones as well (like How to Get J. Lo’s Butt LOL), so feel free to check them all out!

Don’t Forget the NutriSystem 50% Off Deal – it’s For Guys Too!

Update: Nutrisystem now has an even better deal – $100 off EVERY month! Check out my write-up of it, or go straight to Nutrisystem’s site to see it for yourself!

In case you missed my post back here (or weren’t thinking of the Dad in your life when you read it), NutriSystem is offering you your first four weeks of food for 50% off – that’s $166.65 – you couldn’t eat that cheap from the grocery store! This is the first time they’ve ever lowered their prices that much. And they have plans specially-tailored to men, diabetics, vegetarians and seniors, so losing weight isn’t just for us ladies any more! ;) You can read my full write-up here, or click here to check out the details on NutriSystem’s site. Just make sure you click through one of these links, so that you’ll be presented with the 50% off deal, and not some lesser deal. Make sure you click soon, though, this deal ends June 30th, and they may never repeat it!

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