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Best Dessert in Pigeon Forge

I’m taking a little mid-week break right now, staying in a cabin in the mountains because I needed a little break from reality. But after the lunch…and the dessert…I had today, I just had to check in with y’all, and make a recommendation. I know it’s off-topic for this blog (especially considering I didn’t even use a coupon at lunch…the horror!) but I just had to talk about this to people who might understand (my boyfriend, while a fan of food, just lacks the chromosomal appreciation for truly decadent chocolate).

I actually spent the morning Googling and searching TripAdvisor and other venues, trying to find a recommendation because I was in need of a massive dose of delicious, chocolatey dessert goodness. Y’all know what I mean. Unfortunately, pretty much everything I found either wasn’t chocoholic enough, or had gone out of business since the review was written. So I got desperate and started looking at online menus.

I finally stumbled onto Bullfish Grill, which had something called the Chocolate Dream. They also had something I could eat for a meal before it, so it looked like a winner to me. So I climbed into my car when my tummy started rumbling, and ventured out into the traffic morass that is the Parkway. Really the traffic wasn’t too bad, probably because I was heading away from Gatlinburg, rather than toward it.

Lunch was tasty, as I had the prime rib sandwich. Sandwich is a bit of a misnomer, as it’s really just a grilled slab o’ prime rib, served openface on a hoagie & smothered in a delicious mushroom gravy. The bread they serve is tasty too, if you don’t mind coarse salt on your bread (I’m a salt waster, so extra salt in my diet is actually a good thing). Then came the pièce de résistance…the Chocolate Dream.

I should preface this by saying I dearly love chocolate mousse, but only if it’s really high quality chocolate mousse. The last time I had good chocolate mousse was at a $70 per person (no joke!) dinner buffet in Fretheim, Norway. If I had known how good the mousse was going to be at the beginning of the meal, that would have been all I ate. Seriously. I could have eaten $70 of that mousse.

That was in 2005 or so. Before that I never liked chocolate mousse, because all I’d ever had was crummy stuff that tasted like the boxed Jello version of mousse. And that’s all I’ve found since. Until today.

Friends, there is chocolate mousse in the Chocolate Dream. It is fantastic chocolate mousse, worthy of its own choir of praise. Then they take this chocolate mousse, and sandwich it between two layers of rich, dense, almost brownie-like cake, and drizzle it generously with fudgy chocolate sauce. This truly is a chocolate dream. I am seriously considering going back there for dinner…and bringing about five of these Chocolate Dreams home with me! If this isn’t the best dessert in Pigeon Forge, I can’t imagine what is. I know this is going to sound like blasphemy, but I truly mean it in the most reverent way possible; Bullfish Grill’s Chocolate Dream is what God intended to happen when he created the cocoa bean. It’s just. That. Good.

Have you found an awesome dessert in your hometown? Or while traveling? I’m seriously considering a tour of the country’s desserts. It could make for a wonderful (if fattening) book. ;) Leave me a comment and tell me about it. Maybe someday I’ll visit your town and try it myself!

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