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Clark Coupon Code – 4c Photo Prints and More!

Have you been saving up photos to print? Maybe you’ve run out of the free 4×6 photo prints I told you how to get. Or maybe you just do too much shooting or scrapping, and are always on the hunt for cheap photo prints. Whatever your reason, Clark Color has a coupon code for you!

If you’ve never used Clark Color for your photo printing, you can get an even better deal! They’re offering new customers not only 4 cent prints, but also 40 FREE prints to get you started! For that, you’ll want to use coupon code 11CAPT44 If you’ve only ever use other online photo printers, I can recommend Clark Color highly! While I don’t use them as my primary photo printing service (because I almost always have free prints elsewhere), I have used them enough to know that they’re prompt and accurate when it comes to my photo prints.

If you’ve already gotten your free prints from Clark, they still have a coupon code available that will net you photo prints for just 4 cents each! Bear in mind, however, that both of these are one-time-use codes, so make sure you gather up all of your overdue photos to upload at once. Then just head over to Clark Color, and make sure to use coupon code 11CPTS44. Hurry, though; as I said, this code is only good through 8/8/2011, so make sure you don’t miss out!

If you’re in the market for a gift, consider their photo collages printed on canvas. You can snag any one you like for 50% off using coupon code 11C5TCLGIT. It’s got a shorter expiration date (8/1/11), so you’ll want to hurry!

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