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$100 off Nutrisystem – every month!

If you missed out on the Nutrisystem 50% Off deal, fear not, for there is a better deal afoot! If you sign up for Nutrisystem right now, as a new member you’ll get $100 off of your monthly food order…every month you remain a member! Unlike so many weight loss program deals I’ve seen, this one doesn’t just lure you in with a low price; they actually keep rewarding you with a HUGE discount every month you’re a member, so I’m really excited about it. Honestly, I wonder why no one has thought of this before. Shouldn’t you be rewarded for loyalty?

My personal feelings about loyalty aside, this is a great deal for a lot of other reasons as well. For one thing, it’s applicable to any of Nutrisystem’s auto-ship programs (except Flex). So whether you choose female or male, vegeterian or diabetic, Silver (for seniors) or Select (fresh-frozen food instead of shelf-stable), you get a great deal month after month after month!

For another thing you get FREE SHIPPING, which saves you an extra $18.95 every month. So rather than the old deal’s savings of $166 once, you’re now saving $119 every month! I really can’t get over what a smart deal this is. I also wanted to mention that you automatically get access to their online support tools and community, which includes FREE counseling! That really surprised me, and I’m quite curious how that works, because I think it could be a huge benefit. I know I’ve had some luck in the past when I’ve joined online communities and interacted with other forum members (it was especially helpful when I went low-carb). Having others to both commiserate and celebrate with is nice, but it’s especially helpful to be able to bounce ideas and tribulations off of others who are in the exact same boat as you.

One thing I noticed is that they did not specify an end date to this promotion, though they do say that these prices “won’t last long,” so I’d recommend checking it out sooner rather than later!

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