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Benadryl Quick Dissolve Strips Replacement

I’ll admit I don’t use a lot of over-the counter medications, so when I buy a box or a bottle, it generally lasts me a long time. That was the case with the box of Benadryl Quick Dissolve Strips I bought oh…probably two years ago or more. But when I need Benadryl…boy do I need Benadryl! So when I ran out I went to Walgreens to pick up another box, just to make sure I have some on hand. That’s when I discovered that there were none to be found…anywhere.

True to form, I came home and did a little web research, thinking that I would just buy them from Amazon. However, according to their web site, Benadryl has discontinued this product – a major bummer! I loved the fact that these were so easy to take with me everywhere (including on airlines, with their crazy liquid restrictions), and I could also take half a strip if I didn’t want to get drowsy, without needing to carry a pill cutter with me. So I kept looking, and finally found a suitable replacement – Triaminic Allergy Thin Strips.

True, this is a children’s product, but to my mind that actually is an improvement over the adult dosage of the Benadryl product, since now if I only want a half dose, I can take a whole strip – and not have to worry about bagging the other half to keep it clean for later! I also like the grape flavor better than the vanilla mint, but that’s purely personal preference. I’ve always had a weakness for grape artificial flavoring, especially in sodas.

I checked for coupons, since the Triaminic site advertises them, but when I clicked through, no prints were available. Which is fine, though, given that the dollar-off coupon they advertise would only have brought the price down to $6, while, at least as of the time of this writing, Amazon has these thin strips for just $4.89 per box. Yay for online savings!

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