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Big Fish Games Coupon Code – Moneymaker!

Update: See the new Big Fish Games Coupon Code post.

Actually, I’ve got two coupon codes for you this week, but I’m so excited that one of them is actually a moneymaker (a rarity in online coupon codes)!

So I’ll start with the good stuff: if you’re a new Big Fish Games customer, you can not only get a 40% discount on your first game purchase, but also a $25 gift certificate! How cool is that? All you have to do is enter your coupon code (REST25) when you’re checking out. You’ll be able to download your game immediately, and you’ll receive your gift certificate within 7-10 days. And don’t forget that Big Fish gives you a free one-hour trial on every game, so you’re never stuck with a game you *thought* you’d like, but didn’t!

The “fine print” is that, as I mentioned, you have to be a new customer, and the 40% off is only good on regular edition (i.e. non-collector’s edition) games. this basically means you’ll get a $10 game for $5.99…plus $25 to spend at your favorite restaurant. A $19 moneymaker is good any day of the week, right? Just make sure you use coupon code REST25 at checkout to claim this deal, and make sure you make it over to Big Fish before the coupon runs out on August 31st. And of course, if you’ve never used before, you might also want to swing by their site to make sure that they offer gift certs for restaurants in your area. I think they have most areas covered at this point, but if you live out in the boonies, you might have to travel a bit to take advantage of this.

But what if you’re already a Big Fish customer, or you want to buy a collector’s edition game? Well I’ve got another Big Fish coupon code just for you! For the first time ever, Big Fish is offering a coupon code that’s good on their collector’s edition games. So if you’ve ever played through the standard edition of a game and wanted more (or if you’ve just been curious about the differences between a regular edition and a collector’s edition), now is the time to snag your collector’s edition for half price – just $9.99. Just use coupon code ONETIME at checkout, and it’s yours! (And if you are a Game Club member, you still get your three punches…the deals just keep getting cooler :) )

The fine print on this one is that it’s only good this weekend (through midnight 8/28/11), it’s only good on collector’s editions which came out *before* August 2011 (which is most of them!) and it’s good for as many collector’s editions as you want to buy, so stock up while they’re cheap!

Of course, if none of these Big Fish Games coupon codes sound good, you may still want to check out their catch of the week; this week (through 8/28), it’s Wedding Dash 4-Ever, the third installment in one of their most popular time-management series. Catch of the Week games are just $2.99 (70% off), but as the name implies, that price is only good this week! Check out Wedding Dash 4-ever here (no coupon code necessary, just make sure to use that link).

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