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BreathRX Printable Coupon

If you’ve been wanting to try BreathRX mouth rinse, but didn’t want to pay full price, you can get $3 off now. Of course, if you haven’t even heard of BreathRX…you probably want to try it anyway. :)

Why? Because it’s a new kind of mouthwash that actually helps prevent bad breath…serious bad breath. I’m not talking about just covering up bad breath for 15 minutes or so using a minty smell. This stuff contains something called Zytex, which actually kills the bacteria in your mouth…without using alcohol! I know my Mom always needed to use an alcohol-free mouthwash, as she had very sensitive mouth tissues after her many surgeries. I wish this stuff had been around for her! It also has rave reviews over on Amazon because it doesn’t burn and it does what it claims.

At any rate, the printable coupon will give you $3.00 off a bottle of BreathRX mouth rinse, and it looks like it will print with an expiration date of one month after the date you print it. You don’t need to enter an email or anything else like that, so head over to BreathRX and get printing!

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