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Full-Size Mineral Eyeshadows $1.50 each

e.l.f. Mineral EyeshadowIf you have never checked out e.l.f.’s studio line or mineral eyeshadows, mineral lipsticks, and other high-quality cosmetics, now is an excellent time! Achelle (who is the Creative Director over at e.l.f.) has created a list of “picks,” and everything on her list is 50% off through September 19th when you use coupon code PICKS at checkout. Naturally, this includes their mineral eyeshadows. They are normally a very reasonable $3 each, but hey, why pay full price when you can pick them up for only $1.50?!

Also on the list are a ton of other goodies: mineral lipsticks (now $2.50 each), Studio line cream eyeliners (now $1.50), eyelid primer (now 50 cents!) and loads more. Check out the complete list here. Just be sure to hurry (the deal expires in a mere four days) and be sure to use the coupon code PICKS to get your deal!

50% off Achelle’s Fall Picks

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