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Pant Hem Snaps – Do they Work?

I was looking for a way to spend some ECBs that were about to expire yesterday, and while browsing around CVS I found a box of Style Snaps (click here to view their online site) in their little section of As-Seen-On-TV stuff. Since I have some pants that I’d like to be able to wear with both my heels and flats (and some others that are too long for either), I decided to give them a try.

So I got them home and went through my closet. I picked out a pair of jeans that fit well (other than the length), a pair of sweats that have been too long from day one, and a pair of nice pleated-front dress pants whose hem has come undone and I haven’t taken the time to re-hem yet. Then I had to wait…as I didn’t want to waste them. You see, whenever you’re hemming a pair of pants, you need a second person to be at floor level while you’re standing upright. Otherwise bending over totally changes where the hem falls! So I had to wait until Mr. Wonderful got home from work and could be my personal tailor. ;)

When he got home, I had him mark (the old fashioned way, with a straight pin) where I told him the hem should be for my flats on each pair of pants (actually, I wore sneakers for the sweats, but who’s counting right?). Then I was able to proceed. I peeled the backing off one half of a pant hem snap, and stuck it inside the edge, and then folded it under to see where to place the other half. First I did this on the outside of one jeans leg, then I repeated the process on the inside of the same leg. Naturally I did the same thing (two snaps per pant leg) for my sweats as well. On the pretty pants, I just attached one inside, in the area where the hemming had fallen out and left it at that.

But do they work? So far, so good. My one beef is that the hems made this way look a bit odd. For example, when you look at the bottom of my jeans when they’re un-style-snapped, you clearly see the contrasting stitching and lump of the normal hem. Since that is all hidden when I style-snap them up, the hem looks, well, sort of folded-under. Still, I never claimed to be the uber-fashionista, so it doesn’t bother me too much. And since I’ll only be using the pant hem snaps when I’m wearing flats (i.e. going for a more casual look), it’s not super-important that my hems look perfectly creased or anything. So I guess the answer is yes, they work, so long as you’re going for a casual look, and don’t need a crisp, creased hem.

While I can’t yet comment on their durability (since I only just bought them yesterday), they do seem plenty sturdy enough to hold fabric in place. According to the package, they are also supposed to be reusable (i.e. you can peel them off and use them on other clothing pieces). I’m a little skeptical about that claim, given my extensive experience with adhesives in scrapbooking, so I think I’ll just leave these where they are and see how many washings they last through. :) That will also save me the hassle of waiting for Mr. Wonderful to help me place them properly.

If you’d like more info about these pant hem snaps, check out the official site here. It actually looks like they have a better deal ($10 for two packs, whereas I only got one pack for that price), but I don’t feel too bad since I was using my ECBs up.

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