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Halloween Costume Coupon Code Extravaganza!

maybe break into two posts – costumes & decorations?

Halloween is nearly upon us, do you have your costume? If not, I have great news for you: the Halloween Costume coupon code season is in full swing!

Vegas Showgirl Costume

Be a Showgirl for $7.50!

First up is the most drastic (and also shortest-lived) sale: Shindigz has slashed prices on all of their costumes by 50%. I literally saw costumes as low as TWO DOLLARS (any moms of Hannah Montana fans out there?)! However, this sale is only good through 11:59pm on 10/5, so if you want to take advantage of the crazy prices, hurry over to Shindigz now. Another cool thing about Shindigz is that they also have Halloween party supplies and lawn decorations – and they are all on sale for 50% off as well! If you think you can work up an $85 tab despite these low prices, then make sure you use coupon code WSXDK4 at checkout to get FREE shipping.

Badtz Maru CostumeIf you’re looking for sexy costumes, or any sort of anime or pop culture costume, you’ll probably want to check out Hot Topic. I was actually really surprised by their selection. They even have a few kids’ costumes! Best of all, they don’t leave you hanging if you’re looking to get your Halloween on for cheap. Not only do they have a selection of costumes which are 25% off, they’re also offering an additional 20% off any order over $60, when you use coupon code HTAF20HWN at checkout.

One of the things I really like about Hot Topic is that they almost never leave you on your own for shoes. It seems so often, other costume shops say “shoes not included,” but then also don’t give you any idea about how to find the shoes they display on their models! At least 9 times out of 10, Hot Topic has, in-stock, the shoes or boots they show on their models, which makes them an awesome one-stop shop in my book. Take for example this cute, girly Badtz Maru Cosume. They not only have the costume, but also the sexy black platform heels they show on their model. And you won’t feel bad picking them up, because they’ll only set you back $30 (or $24, if you use coupon code HTAF20HWN on your order), and you can wear them for more than just Halloween!

Marble Statue CostumeWholesale Costume Club has a bit of a different take on costume-buying. They are a genuine membership club, though I’ve found you a coupon code to get you a FREE membership (normally $5 per year) – SAVENOW. And honestly? Given their pricing, even having to pay the $5 would be worth it in my estimation. Most of their prices are around half off retail, and they also have an amazing selection of costumes they’re clearancing below their cost! Even if you’re paying their regular prices, though, they have some truly unique and gorgeous costumes. Check out the Venetian Marble Statue costume at left! It includes not only the dress and drape, but also gloves, shoe covers, the molded headpiece, a medallion, and detailed instructions on how to apply the marble look make-up effect. The cost for all those pieces? Just over $40! (Non-member pricing is about $48, but why wouldn’t you become a member when it’s free with coupon code SAVENOW?) Add to that the fact that you get $4.99 flat rate hipping on all orders, and you’re looking at some real value. As I mentioned above, I hate having to chase down extras and try to make sure they match a costume!

Another plus with Wholesale Costume Club: They have a hugenormous selection of plus size costumes for both ladies and gents, and they actually have them displayed on plus-size models! I don’t know about you, but I hate seeing costumes that are advertised as being plus-size, but the picture on the site clearly reflects that the model falls in the size 8 range. It gives me ZERO idea of what the costume might look like on my size-16 frame!

Last but not least, has a series of coupon codes, depending upon what you need. For example, do you have more than one Halloween party to attend this year? If so, you mighw want to use their BOGOSEXY code, which will net you your second costume at 25% off, AND free shipping (I believe both costumes have to come from their sexy collection). If you’d prefer to go with a less risque costume, then the BOGO20 coupon code is for you – it’ll get you 20% off your second costume AND free shipping, regardless of how sexy or modest your costume choices are (this one is also great for couples buying their costumes together). Finally, we have the code that will get you 10% off any purchase over $40 – Hallow10. These coupon codes are good through the end of October, so if you take your time deciding what to be this Halloween, these coupon codes will still be there for ya!

That’s all I have for today…if a coupon code for your favorite Halloween costume shop isn’t covered, be sure to drop me a line & I’ll see what I can dig up for ya!

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