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UPS My Choice – Save Time & Hassle This Holiday Season!

Before we hit Black Friday & Cyber Monday, I wanted to post about something which I think is going to be incredibly helpful to you, if you haven’t already signed up for it. It’s called UPS My Choice, and it’s a new FREE service from UPS that allows you to manage all the items being shipped to you at a level UPS has never before offered.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come home to see the little yellow and white UPS stickies on my door, instead of the wonderful widget I was hoping to find delivered to my doorstep. It’s frustrating, not having a job that allows me to take deliveries at the office, but I know I’m not the only one in this position. Enter the solution I’ve been waiting for for years: UPS My Choice.

My Choice not only has tracking, it also lets you know when your UPS packages are due for delivery A DAY IN ADVANCE, and allows you to authorize delivery without a signature. Translation: NO MORE YELLOW & WHITE STICKIES! If you happen to have an Amazon Prime membership, you’ve probably noticed that all of your deliveries come via UPS (at least mine all do). The hassle savings on these deliveries alone made it worth my time to sign up!

But there are other great features; for example, I know I mentioned that they let you know about your deliveries a day in advance. What’s really nice, though, is that they notify you via your preferred method – email, phone or text. So if you’re not the type to check your email every day, but you always have your cell with you, you can get a text. Don’t have a cell or an active email account? They’ll call ya! I like that they’ve geared this toward more than just the younger set.

But what if you’re having something big and expensive delivered, and don’t want it left on your front porch all day? They’ve got that instance covered as well, and two different ways! You can either have your package delivered to the nearest UPS Store, or choose another address (say, a neighbor who’s a stay-at-home mom?) and have the package delivered there. I don’t know about your local UPS Store but mine (and all the ones I’ve ever had occasion to use) have reasonable hours like 8am-7pm, that let me swing by after work and pick things up. I can see where this option would also be happy if, for instance, a package you were expecting didn’t arrive before you were slated to leave town for the holidays; then you could just re-route it to a nearby friend’s house to wait for you until you get home.

Now, all of the above is, as I said, FREE (although if I understand correctly the changing-the-delivery-address option might have an additional fee). Interestingly, they also offer a “Premium” membership level that adds a few more niceties. Like telling the driver where to leave your package (why leave it on the rainy front porch when the back porch has a roof over it?) and getting a confirmed two-hour delivery window. Upgrading is an option once you’ve finished your registration. I didn’t bother with it, as the fee was $40 per year, but I realize everyone has different needs, so I did want to mention it just in case.

UPS CouponsThere was also a little bonus I noticed on the confirmation screen; look at the top right of the Confirmation screen once you’ve finished registering, and look for a link that looks like the one at left that says “Download Coupons.”

I’m betting that these coupons will be the same all over, but just in case they aren’t here are the coupons I was able to print (and they’re a .pdf, so I was also able to save):

  • 25% off packing service (this will come in handy during the Christmas shipping season!)
  • 25% off printing service (if you do holiday newsletters, you’ll love this)
  • 3 months free with a 1-year mailbox agreement (probably not for most people, but hey, if you happen to need it, why not save?)

Naturally, these are all redeemable at my local UPS Store.

So if you want to save a lot of time, hassle & frustration this holiday shopping season, make sure you sign up for UPS My Choice now, so that when you need it, it’ll be ready and waiting for you!

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