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Two FREE Easter Craft books

DIY Easter WreathJust a quick post to keep you up-to-date on the best FREE ways to get your easter craft on – The first is a PDF ebook from All Free Holiday Crafts (yeah, long name, I know, but hey, at least they live up to it!). It contains several super-cute crafts with an Easter theme from the incredibly easy (like the wreath pictured at right) to the more complex (such as a quilted easter basket/bag. Check it out for free right here.

Scrapbook Easter EggsThe other is a great little PDF booklet that gives some really cool ideas on how to use your scrapbook supplies for truly stunning colored easter eggs! i know, who’da thunk, right? Of course, if you want to be completely on the safe side, you’ll want to use pierced and drained eggs, since I have no idea how toxic those supplies might be if they leach through the eggshell. Luckily, the booklet includes instructions on exactly how to drain eggs without breaking them!

Natural Easter Egg DyesOn the other end of the spectrum, this booklet also shows you how to go the all-natural route, using things like beets and onion skin to make organic dyes for your Easter eggs and how to use natural leaves and flowers to create gorgeous patterns on them, like the ones shown at right. Last but not least, the booklet includes several recipes, so you won’t be at a loss as to what to do with all those eggs after Easter! I know I’ve gotten tired of egg salad, so this was a very welcome addition to an Easter crafts book. Click here to download your free copy!

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