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With the FTC beginning to really crack down on blogdom, I thought it smart to let you know where I stand on blogging for moolah/goodies. Although my blog is currently not quite popular enough to warrant companies sending me free stuff to review & blog about, I will certainly welcome the opportunity if/when it comes. Rest assured I’ll let you know if I ever get lucky enough to start getting exciting freebies! In the meantime, any product I blog glowingly about is something I’ve purchased with my own hard-earned dough, and I just happen to like it enough to rave about it.

I do want to be up-front about the fact that many links I post are “monetized.” That’s annoying web-speak for, “if you click on them, and buy the item, I get a small percentage of the sales price.” It’s important to note, however, that this does not in any way raise the price you pay; the only thing that could change the price you pay would be one of the coupon codes I blog about so often…and that change would be to lower your price!

Obviously, it is not by accident that I do this, and I would appreciate it immensely if you would choose to purchase using my affiliate links. If, however, you would prefer to purchase by making your own way to the site and locating the item in question, you are certainly well within your rights to do so. The income I receive from this site does not support me (not by a long shot!), but I certainly hope that someday it will at least help offset some of the time and expense that goes into it.

Now, for the legalese version:

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Unless otherwise expressly stated, you should assume that has an affiliate relationship or other material connection to the providers of goods and services mentioned by, recommended, hyperlinked to, or otherwise referenced on In addition, you should assume that may be compensated monetarily or non-monetarily when you visit, purchase goods or services from, or take any other action on a third-party website mentioned by, recommended, hyperlinked to, or otherwise referenced on You should always perform due diligence before buying any goods or services online or offline.

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About Me…

I’m Michelle, an avid reader, prolific writer, copious scrapbooker, semi-sane explorer, and super couponer! If you’d like to get in touch with me, feel free to email me using this email address: michelle {at symbol} couponfans {dot symbol} com

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