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Coupon Resources

What Coupon Resources are available?
Firstly, I have a list of coupons which come in the Bristol Herald Courier and the Knoxville News Sentinel each week. To see the list of local coupons, visit my  Local Coupon Listings page.

What can I do with these local coupon listings?
Many things! Personally, because I do not clip coupons until I am ready to use them, I use these listings to determine whether or not I have access to the coupons needed for a deal. There are many sites on the web that list pages and pages of deals each week, but I am limited in the number of deals I can take advantage of, both by the coupons I have access to (because there are regional variations for each insert), and the number of copies of a given paper I bought that week (I buy at least one of each a week (assuming they are available), but if it’s an especially rich coupon week, I may buy more).

Another option would be to copy them down to a Word or other text file on your hard drive, and either print and cross out or digitally delete the ones you’ve already used, so that you don’t get all excited about a deal, and go hunting for the applicable coupons, only to find they’ve already been used. This used to happen to me a lot before I started using this system!

What else is available here?
I also have a list of coupons which may be printed via the internet. These are great for new couponers, who may not have a huge stash of coupon inserts to clip from. To see my most up-to-date list of internet printables, visit my Printable Coupon Listings page. This covers mostly right now, but will eventually host others as well, both lists and individuals, as they come to my attention.

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