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Coupon Clipping Services

Here is a list of coupon clipping services. What is a coupon clipping service? Well, they’re pretty much what they sound like…groups who clip coupons for you. The real question is…why would you want to pay someone else to clip your coupons for you? Sure, some folks are too busy to do it for themselves, but that’s not the main reason people use coupon clipping services. The primary reason is that they have access to HUGE numbers of copies of coupons. While you or I might buy 3, 4, or even 10 copies of a newspaper on Sunday, it’s actually far more efficient just to pay someone to clip the coupons you want or need. This is especially useful if there’s a great deal to be had, such as a freebie or MoneyMaker, that would allow you to stock up on something you really need.

So, without further ado, here are the coupon clipping services I know about:

My Coupon Hunter

The Coupon Master

And the grandaddy of them all, eBay.

Coupons On Thier Way to Your Door in 24 Hours